Sandboxie v5.33.1 Activated

Sandboxie v5.33.1 Activated


Sandboxie 2019 Full is a tool with which you can run suspicious programs without taking a risk on your PC.

With Sandboxie Full you have the possibility to run programs in a safe, executed by the Windows system environment. Write accesses are made in an isolated area of the hard disk. Through this own operating system, for example, viruses cannot access real system data, such as the registry.

What it really does is allow anyone to run applications within a protected environment, which is completely isolated from the real hard disk space. Suitable for the purposes of the test This means that when a sandboxed software runs, no modifications were made to my system and all changes occur virtually, in that quarantined folder. Therefore, Sandboxie can help you navigate web pages with insecure content, test virus behavior and much more.

Windows 7 through 10 (64 bit versions)
Legacy Operating Systems such as Windows XP
All major web browsers; Chrome; FireFox; CyberFox; Opera; IE 6-11 & more
Microsoft office Suite, PDF and Multimedia files
Constantly stay updated with the latest version updates for free
Requires less than 6mb of hard drive space with simple installation


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